Welcome to my world

They say that ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. “They” being either Lao-Tzu or Confucius.  Who is credited with saying this is not important to me. What is important is that the quote illustrates my decision to stop procrastinating and finally start blogging on a regular basis.

The time has finally arrived to focus on what is important to ME. How I feel, what I believe, even what I think no matter how crazy those thoughts might be. To continue to learn, to grow, to ‘enlarge my spiritual condition’ which can take many forms and bring many surprises!

What is really important to me?

The Power of Spirit that lives in all of us. Even though I agree that one cannot believe in the Light without believeing in the Dark, I prefer to live as much as possible in what some call ‘the Sunlight of the Spirit’. I have been on this journey of recovery for sixteen years and it’s true for me that the longer I travel, the less I know. But I no longer have to do this alone.

In this and subsequent posts, meet the furry people that matter to me, who have shown me the Power of Unconditional Love:

JETHRO — He has forced me to step up, he is a Force of Nature.

Jethro8wks       JethroNov12

To say that Jethro has taught me much about myself would be an understatement. He is not afraid to show how much he loves his family members, he is not afraid to express his opinions on EVERYTHING, and he is not afraid to try and convince me do things the RIGHT way in a kind and loving manner. All of this is nearly the opposite of how we were taught to interact with the world growing up. One did NOT have opinions, one did NOT speak unless spoken to, and what one thought or felt was dismissed. Especially how one felt, because neither parent was able to cope with their own emotions, much less those of five children. Besides, we would be be stealing THEIR thunder.

Each furry member of my family is a living, breathing, sentient being with a soul. Each one has a different personality and each has taught me different things. Jethro is teaching me about boundaries, about standing up for myself and not being afraid to speak my mind. He is trying to teach me how to speak from the heart. Jethro is also teaching me how to have fun, to not take myself so seriously and knows that this task is not an easy one. But he is a German Shepherd and he will not give up on me even when I sometimes give up on myself.

I am blessed, one of the lucky ones. I am thankful every day that I can be aware of everything around me and sometimes even appreciate it. To be in this world and to walk this path is such a gift from the Universe, even on the days when I want to just pull the covers up over my head and isolate.

Jethro won’t let me do that for long.



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