Finally Spring is here!

A new year and a new look for my blog page. 🙂

What a long winter!! I have not posted in awhile. I have to say, it is so nice to see the warmer weather. As much as I enjoy winter, this year was a bit much for our area. Last weekend was in the 90’s and I nearly got heatstroke mowing the yard. Doing too much too soon in the heat made for a terrible agility class. Jethro helps me mow so he was awfully tired as well since we mowed AND trained both days. Note to self: it is my responsibility to remember that it does no good for either of us to overdo it in the heat.

Time to cool off!

Time to cool off!

Rolex this year was pretty awful for most of the workers at all jumps this year. It POURED rain all morning and everyone was so cold and miserable that we did not take our group photo this year, just packed up and went home. But we will be there next year! A group photo from a previous year:

Fence judge family reunion

Fence judge family reunion


Two people in our group were sick as a result. One horse was euthanized due to taking a bad step in the mud, which could have happened to him anywhere at a canter with an old injury. Otherwise, no serious injuries but the CCI4* courses are getting tougher and tougher. It reminds me of the Olympics where the athletes are risking life and limb in events like gymnastics and ice skating for the drama of that extra spin, etc. Many think the course designers are creating for the audience for the excitement factor. It may backfire as more and more horses and riders are injured. I would like to see eventing strike a happy medium.

Looking forward to agility trials this summer. This time we will be better prepared for the heat!

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